Tangled H Ranch

Tangled H Ranch is located in Montrose, Colorado, and is partnered with Medicine Man Ranch in Camp Verde, Arizona. The ranches focus on the essentialism and authenticity of world-class Red Wagyu genetics with select full-blood bulls, heifers, embryos, and semen for sale.

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Our Cattle

World-Class Genetics

At Tangled H Ranch, we have descendants of Legendary Red Wagyu Foundation Sires. Our cattle’s bloodline includes (6) foundation bulls: Rueshaw, Judo, Big Al, Hikari, Tamamaru, and Shigemaru & (7) foundation females: Namiko, Akiko, Haruko, Fuyuko, Ume, Dai 8 Marunami, Kademaru.

Red Wagyu History

A Distinguished History

1994 was the last time Red Wagyu cattle were permitted to leave Japan. Tangled H Ranch has descendants of those 13 original foundation cattle. Our ranch includes Red Wagyu cattle, ducks, sheep, dogs, and other ranch animals.  Our cattle are grass-fed and grain-fed, given alfalfa as treats, and roam freely in our pastures.

Our Story

Family-Owned operation Offering World-Class Genetics

Tangled H Ranch focuses on the essentialism and authenticity of world-class Red Wagyu genetics. In tribute to Japan’s Emperor’s Herd, declared a National Treasure, we strive to maintain the integrity of those foundation cattle.

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