The story behind the Ranch & Cattle

World Class Genetics

Tangled H Ranch focuses on the essentialism and authenticity of world-class Red Wagyu genetics. In tribute to Japan’s Emperor’s Herd, declared a National Treasure, we strive to maintain the integrity of those foundation cattle. 

The family raises full-blood bulls and calves while integrating exceptional Red Wagyu genetics into F1 and F2 cattle, the best of authentic American Wagyu Beef.

Red Wagyu Foundation

At Tangled H Ranch, we have descendants of legendary Red Wagyu foundation sires exported from Japan.  

  • 5 Red Bulls – Judo, Rueshaw, Hikari, Shigemaru, and Tamamaru
  • 11 Red Heifers – 27 Homare, Kunisakae, Akiko, Dai 3 Namiaki, Dai8 Marunami, Dai 9 Koubai 73, Fuyuko, Haruko, Namiko, Naomi, and Ume
  • 6 Red Calves Born – Big Al (Bull), Kaedemaru (Heifer), Ringo (Heifer), 505 (Bull), Momigimaru (Heifer), and 504 (Heifer)

Our Cattle

Our cattle’s bloodline includes (6) foundation bulls: Rueshaw, Judo, Big Al, Hikari, Tamamaru, and Shigemaru & (7) foundation females: Namiko, Akiko, Haruko, Fuyuko, Ume, Dai 8 Marunami, Kademaru.

Full Blood Akaushi genes have been closed to any other genetics for over 100 years. The genetics of our cattle are meticulously tracked and traced in a sophisticated database with DNA testing.

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The Ranchers

Family-owned and operated, Tangled H Ranch involves three generations working together. 

Joel A. Higginbotham

Austin Higginbotham

Select full-blood Red Wagyu bulls, heifers, embryos, & semen for sale.